22 Weeks

I am coming to the end of my 22nd week of being pregnant with triplet girls. Our lives have changed so much since finding out we were pregnant, to finding out it was triplets, to finding out it was three girls and I am grateful and happy for the opportunity to continue to have our lives change over and over again. My husband and I have this inside joke where we say (very dramatically I might add) "I never thought it would happen". It did not arise from our struggles getting pregnant at all, but we have used it time and time again. Just in this instance when we say it, it's true. We never thought we would be here, never thought we would have made it these far, or have this wonderful opportunity. For us it is an opportunity. A true blessing (or three) from God. And not for one second do we take it for granted. We are two of the lucky ones.

At this point in the pregnancy, the goal is 24 weeks. After 24 weeks the goal is 28 weeks. After 28 weeks the goal is 32 weeks. And it keeps going. Throughout a pregnancy, especially of a person who has had trouble getting pregnant or has had losses, there are these goals or milestones as the doctors call them. You are trying to reach 12 weeks for so long to be in the safe zone. The safe zone is actually so much farther away with triplets. I guess, I never took the time to realize that until this week. Time has slowed in these past two weeks trying to get to the 24 week goal. Perhaps it is because I am now on bed rest (precautionary) and have far too much time on hands (work gets done much faster from home because there are so many less distractions!). Or perhaps it is because during week 21, I spent a few hours in Labor and Delivery because I felt "weird".

At this week's OB visit the doctor prescribed "Positive Thinking" so that is what I am going to do. Try to remain positive for these next several weeks (it better be several), even though it goes against all the "What ifs" in my blood. I understand the importance of it. It's just so difficult to do.

I ask God for the peace and strength to remain positive. And when all else fails I sing the song that plays on the Billy Big Mouth Bass in our garage..."Don't worry, be happy."

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